What We Do

CNC Machining, Manufacturing & Fabrication in Kaukauna, WI

Mid Valley Industries, LLC (MVI) is committed to providing clients across a diverse range of industries with quality custom machine parts and fabrication services. Founded in 1996 in Kaukauna, WI our customer-driven company will work directly with you to manufacture parts that meet your exact specifications. Our talented team can take a drawing and see it through to the finished product. We are proud to be versatile in that we can machine almost any material and create parts of all sizes. We are easily accessible to businesses in Appleton and Greenbay, as well.

Facility Overview

Manufacturing: 82,000 square feet
Office: 8,000 square feet
Up to 20-ton Overhead Lift Capacity
Fully Climate-Controlled Facility

Committed to Safety

Mid Valley Industries is committed to protecting our most valuable assets – our employees. Our team knows the work environment and potential hazards best, and therefore are encouraged to continually give suggestions for how we can improve the workplace. All employees at MVI work together to make our company a safe place to work.



(8) CNC VTL’s (3) with Live Spindles (up to 216” swing x 102” length – 20,000 lb capacity)
(9) CNC Lathes (up to 40” swing x 310” long – 15,000 lb capacity)
(4) Engine Lathes with D.R.O. (up to 36” swing x 280” long – 12,000 lb capacity)
(4) CNC Vertical Machining Centers (up to 126” x 44” x 36” – 8000 lb cap with 4 Axis)
(6) CNC Horizontal B-Bars (up to 160” x 120” x 60” – 20,000 lb cap with 5 Axis)
(1) CNC Horizontal 4-axis (2)-1000mm Pallet Machining Center
(2) Cylindrical Grinders (up to 35” diameter x 224” long – 12,000 lb capacity)
(1) Dynamic Balancer (up to 80” swing x 280” length – 15,000 lb capacity)
(1) CNC Fromag Keyseater (up to 3” wide x 39” stroke ID Keyway)
(3) Manual Boring Bars with D.R.O. – (65” x 48” x 60” – 5,000 lb capacity)
(2) Metal Cutting Saws (up to 20” diameter capacity)
(1) Bridge Mill (118” x 59” with 4 Axis)
(1) Vertical Machining Center (4,400 lb. cap with 4 axis)

Inspection & Testing:

Nondestructive Examination (NDE)
Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
Liquid Dye Penetrant Testing (PT)
Hydrostatic Testing
Destructive Testing
Bend Testing
Hardness Testing


Turnkey Manufacturing

We deliver cost-efficient and reliable turnkey solutions for all of your machining and fabrication needs. For every purchase order, we will guarantee that the correct raw material is used for your product and that qualified sub vendors are used for all types of tests, coating, painting, welding, third-party inspection, and any other process involved in manufacturing a turnkey component. From start to finish, we will handle every aspect of the manufacturing process, and deliver you a product that has quality systems and procedures in place.

CNC Machining

MVI combines the latest CNC (computer numerical control) machining and turning processes with advanced technology to deliver high-quality parts. Our CNC machining services allow for remarkable precision and can handle small to large projects without compromising quality. From turning to milling and everything in-between, our CNC machines are capable of manufacturing world-class products with unmatched quality.

Precision Machining

Our years of manufacturing experience across diverse markets has enabled us to tackle our customers’ most difficult challenges and most detailed machining requirements. We provide well-rounded services and have equipment and expertise to machine small, medium, and large parts of all types of materials.

We provide precision machined components including:

Horizontal & Vertical Lathes
Horizontal Boring Bars
Vertical Machining
ID Key

Multi-Axis Machining
Cylindrical Grinding
Gun Drilling

Precision Parts Balancing – For rotating components, MVI has the capability to balance products up to 15,000 pounds, 80” swing and 280” length, both in a static and dynamic condition.

General Machining

Our ability to fully integrate many metalwork disciplines and processes in-house allows us to provide you with extremely cost-effective, complex parts, sophisticated weldments, and fully finished assemblies. We are dedicated to exceptional quality and delivery every time, regardless of the size and material of the project.

For new programs, we offer support in:

Design for Manufacturability
Cost Reduction
Tool Design & Manufacture

Program Management
Supply Chain Management

We also work hard to find solutions to existing programs. If your problem involves quality, capacity or logistics, our team will use our past experiences and knowledge in manufacturing to solve it. We strive to improve the process, reduce total cost, and alleviate your pain!

Programming & Manufacturing Processes

Our priority at MVI is to produce the highest quality product for the lowest cost. To make this possible, we develop manufacturing processes that decrease cost and improve reliability and scheduling for build-to-print applications and design projects. Our knowledgeable staff works directly with our clients on both long and short-term projects in order to get maximum productivity at a minimum cost. We have a wide range of computer capabilities, including experience with Master Cam, AutoCAD and ProE software.

Welding & Fabrication

For many of the manufacturers and industries we serve, welding and fabrication are integral parts. MVI offers in-house metal fabrication services to provide custom-engineered metal products. We can tailor your project to the unique requirements of your supplied drawing. We can also provide stress relief for all fabrications. Our team has an extensive track record of success in welding and fabrication, and takes great pride in our work.

Qualifications: NACE, ASME Section IX, AWS D1.1
Welding Processes: SMAW – Stick, GTAW – TIG, GMAW – MIG, FCAW – Flux Cored, SAW – Sub Arc, Hardfacing
Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Low Alloy Steels, Chromoly (CrMo)


MP, LP, hydrostatic, hardness & bend testing
Calibrated welding equipment
Welder continuity log
Welding consumable control

Stress Relieving

Vibratory stress reliever
Thermal stress oven

Machining Materials

At MVI, we have experience in a number of manufacturing machining materials and can machine almost anything including:

Alloy Steels
Stainless Steel
Ductile Iron
Brass Plastics
Plain Carbon Steel

Cast Iron
& More!