CNC Machinist

CNC Machinist

MVI is in search for a Class-A Machinist. The ideal candidate would meet the requirements listed below.

At MVI, we strive to hire and work with hardworking, talented machinists and welders from throughout the area. We offer an upbeat and positive team atmosphere. Management supports, and is attentive to, the needs of every employee. Our facility is also climate-controlled and fully air conditioned, so you will always work comfortably! If you live in the Kaukauna, Appleton or Greenbay areas, call us.

Job Details

What We Offer

  • A people-first culture encouraging trust, collaboration, communication, and equity among all members of the company
  • A family-oriented company with family-friendly schedules
  • An environment where all members are encouraged to be engaged in individual and company success by participating through their ideas, observations, suggestions, and ongoing development
  • A warm and casual yet professional office environment accompanied by a clean, modern, climate-controlled manufacturing facility
  • Compensation and vacation negotiable based on past experience, proven education, and skills
  • Exceptional Group Benefits enhanced by additional attractive and generous bonus programs, incentives, and perks to include employee engagement and appreciation programs
  • $2 per hour premium for all night shift positions
  • Paid Lunch


  • A minimum of 5 years of CNC machining experience and/or a 1-2 year technical degree
  • Engineering Blueprint reading skills
  • Proficient with trigonometry and geometry and should be able to do all trigonometry calculations using a calculator and/or book
  • Reading and editing all G-code programs and identify and change all program aspects according to dimensional changes as needed
  • Able to write, edit, and read complex programs with variety of features and specifications including sub-programs, taper adjustments, cutter comp, and circle interpolate
  • Able to create all programs efficiently when given a print and specifications
  • Lathe operators must be highly proficient in FAPT or Mazak programming
  • Proficient knowledge of surface footage of material, speeds and feeds including ability to apply speeds and feeds knowledge to specialty material; make changes needed to help efficiently produce parts
  • Proficient knowledge of insert identification and appropriate application and know grades, geometry, uses, identification numbers, etc.
  • Must have complete knowledge of tooling and insert specifications and be able to identify tooling by looking at it
  • Able to problem-solve and troubleshoot and create alternative solutions to accomplish varied machining specifications
  • Able to work unsupervised

Shift Schedules Currently Available

  • First Shift (Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.)
  • Second Shift (Monday-Thursday 3:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.)

CNC Experience That Is Recommended

  • HMC and VMC
  • Slant Bed Lathe
  • Flat Bed Lathe
  • Vertical Turning Lathe(VTL)


  • Write accurate, detailed set-up sheets and notes in programs
  • Fabrication of tooling as needed for production and creation of prints that specify what types of tooling are needed including size, shape, and material
  • Multi-task while machine is running. Must be able to start machine and work on deburring, cleaning, programming, helping others, etc.
  • Run like machines – lathe operators will be able to run all similar style lathes, and mill operators will be able to run all similar style mills
  • Communicate with machine partner effectively
  • Create simple to complicated set-ups
  • Look several jobs in advance ensuring programs, tooling, materials, and set-ups are ready
  • Run manual machines for general applications
  • Use all inspection equipment and, if needed, step in as an inspector
  • Other responsibilities as required

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